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About Us

Amicus Microfinance Limited is a Company duly registered in Tanzania under the Companies Act, Cap. 212, R.E., 2002. The Company is licensed to provide credit to its customers including individuals, companies, firms, associations, formal and informal self-help groups and any other organisations.
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To empower a large number of individuals, micro, small and medium enterprises through efficient microfinance services and training in entrepreneurship.


We aspire to become a leading institution in the provision of sustainable microfinance services and training in entrepreneurship wherever we establish ourselves.

Our Motto

Our motto is Pamoja kwa Mafanikio
a Kiswahili phrase meaning Together for Prosperity in English.

Our Values

Customer Focused

Customer Focused

At Amicus Microfinance, we are committed to helping our customers solve actual financial problems. We ensure that we understand customers pain points, hopes and expectations. We always prioritise the customer and our ability to serve them and, in doing so, we ensure that our customers' satisfaction is always the ultimate goal.

The customer is always the first in the list of our priorities. In that regard, we constantly gather information from our customers; we forge a deeper relationship with our customers by showing them how our corporate strategy meshes with their activities; we prioritise customer retention and we ensure that everybody involved freely discusses what went right and what went wrong.

At Amicus Microfinance we "walk the walk" not just "talk the talk" when it comes to customer care.

Oh Yes, We Care!

Trust and Honesty

Trust and Honesty

At Amicus Microfinance, we believe that, trust and honesty are core values in fostering a sustainable relationship with our customers. We understand that trust breeds trust and we always strive to maintain the utmost trust with our customers. Likewise, we demonstrate the greatest degree of honesty by what we say and by what we do ensuring that we say no (or yes) where it is right to do so, we do the right thing and we ensure that each one of us lives with the highest degree of integrity.

Hence, owing to the fact that trust and honesty are invaluable in our organisation, we always keep our promises; we take responsibility for our actions; we instil confidence in our employees, customers and stakeholders; we ensure that we work as a team to ensure the success of our organisation, customers and stakeholders; we ensure that we communicate openly and we always respect others.



As one of the core values, efficiency is highly important in the success of Amicus Microfinance. We are aware of the truth that efficiency is neither natural nor sustainable on its own. Hence, to ensure that efficiency is attained, we ensure that everyone in the company manages resources smartly; is focused on activities that create value; does things simply and effectively; delivers with appropriate costs, speed and quality; speeds up good decision making; becomes accountable for consistent execution and collaborates for better solutions.



Amicus Microfinance defines innovation as a new idea that creates new value. In that regard, we always inspire creatively and that we learn from the outcomes of whatever we do. Everyone should feel empowered to act innovatively and should always believe that they enjoy the utmost support of the company and of the whole team in chatting new frontiers. At Amicus Microfinance every new idea is welcome and it is the policy of the company to reward new innovative ideas.

Our Clients





Formal and informal self-help groups

Any other organizations


Credit Provision

As a credit non-deposit taking financial institution, Amicus Microfinance is geared at providing loans to several of its clients. Depending on availability of the necessary information and completion of documentation process our customers...

Entrepreneurship Training

The Company recognizes that there is a vacuum in terms of entrepreneurship training and skills for existing and potential entrepreneurs. It is therefore the intention of the Company to fill this gap by providing short courses in the area...


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